About Crown AZ Academy

Crown AZ Academy believes in Strong Family Values and in Excellent foundational academic skills. Our students will work collaboratively to enhance their communication, technical and academic skills. Along with S.T.E.M opportunities, our students will work with NASA educational materials to expand their knowledge and help develop and/or expand their creative mindset. We want Business Community involvement in giving “hands on” mini lessons on how the academics our students are learning are necessary for their business success. If you are interested in signing up for this incredible opportunity, please fill out our “Parent Volunteers” section on our feedback page. We will work to continue building that academic foundation that every student needs and explore a variety of careers to prepare them for high school and their future.

Different Style of School

Sharing the same campus as Crown Charter School

We are a different style of school. Crown AZ Academy will set an atmosphere of reciprocal respect between teachers and students. This is the age for students to transition from school kids to students preparing themselves to become well educated scholars in a "University Prep" atmosphere. Nurturing, as it relates to Crown AZ Academy, will be in reference to the teacher being kind and understanding of any student who needs additional assistance or tutoring to enable the student to master a given strand.

Crown AZ Academy is located at 12450 West Maryland Avenue, Litchfield Park, Arizona.