Crown AZ Academy

Our mission is to offer a unique educational opportunity that combines STEM Educational programs along with MATH MASTERY at each grade level, K through 8th grades and to inspire our students to be problem solvers, forward thinking scholars and innovators preparing themselves for leadership in Technology, Science, Physics, Engineering. The Arts and Effective Communication.

Mission Statement

We believe that there is a "Super Mind" in every student. It just needs to be developed.

A well-defined Strategic Plan is the roadmap toward higher level student cognitive development and preparedness toward that innovative leaders for the USA and be influencers in the World.

Strategic Plan

Crown AZ Academy is dedicated to teaching to Math Mastery at K-8th grades as outlined in the "Vision Diagram" as presented to the International Technology Educational Conference. Our Sister School, Crown Charter School, will teach to mastery beginning at K-2nd grade. Crown Academy will continue the Mastery Program through 8th grade.

Philosophy & Strategic Plan

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