We believe that schools should be relevant, inspiring, fun and engaging. A student is EMPOWERED when the student sees academic proof that they are indeed smart and academically successful. It is a beautiful moment to see a student's face light up when they see their own brain and memory growth. We will do our best to create such a wonderful atmosphere. Students must also do their part in creating this fun inspiring atmosphere.

Students will be empowered to agree or disagree with interpretation of selected literature with "debate style" discussions of the elements of the selected text and feel free to discuss logical or scientific data to support their rationale and reasoning. Crown AZ Academy does not and will not permit books, literature or discussion of WOKE or sexual ideas/content or antisemitism. Those topics belong in the home under parental guidance.



Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Math, Science and History are required academics. The difference at Crown AZ Academy, is that each subject will be infused with high energy and enthusiasm, student participation, analysis, and relevance to today's STEM world.


All students will be given art appreciation and art lessons. Students will learn pencil drawings and experience the fun of acrylic painting. The beautiful aspect of art is that " no painting is wrong." The art is the student's expression.


  1. Golf is a individual sport.

  1. Once learned, it will require mental acumen to visualize and execute the shot. GOOD FEELING!

  2. There are many golf scholarships to college education available every year.

  3. It is a wonderful social game when students become young adults as well as good opportunities for future business transactions.

Golf is a "thinking person" game. We choose golf for several reasons.